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Generation No. 1

1.ROBERT CADDIES was born c1770 and died unknown. He married Rebecca McGinn or Gray. She was born before 1776

Notes on Robert Caddies are:

(1) Blog comment from Jim Caddis: 27th Oct 2008 - It seems that Robert Caddies (1770) moved to Saint Quivox Ayr Scotland where he had his first child James b1796. Robert had at least 4 children two born in Ayr Scotland and two in Ireland. It looks as though Robert had moved back and forth from Scotland to Ireland between 1796 and the birth of his daughter Rebecca b1819. Robert’s grandson John Caddies b 30 Mar 1827 in Ayr (and married there) died in Kilmarnock on 05 Nov 1873. This is the start of the split between the two Ayrshire lines of the caddis family (Ayr and Kilmarnock). John’s son James b1866 is also noted as the start of spelling the surname without the (e) and has remained this way ever since. Intriguing to note also that the Ayr line has also dropped the (e) in recent generations.
(2) Blog comment from Jim Killie: 30 Dec 2010 - Yes the family name was spelt caddies originally and yes we did come from Ireland. For over 5 years I have done the family history but the Irish side has always drawn a blank. My fourth great grandfather was Robert Caddies born 1770 and married to Rebecca Mcginn or Gray. His children were James, Thomas, William, John, Rebecca and Margaret. Three of the kids were born in Ireland, the others in Ayr Scotland. I would be over the moon if you say these are also your relations as I can find nothing to locate where in Ireland any of them were born. We did have an Isabella born in Newcastle but unsure if relation or not??
(3) Blog comment Jan Piep: 18 Mar 2012 - I also show Rebecca's name being spelled Caddes, with Robert Caddies as the father and Rebecca Gray being the mother. My family comes down thru Rebecca. My source comes from the LDS Church records
(4) Blog comment from Jim Caddis: 18 Mar 2012 - I am not sure the records for Rebecca are accurate, there is a rebecca in the 1841 census that lists her as 50 y/o?? Living on her own with William McHullich and his family, however most records show Robert her husband as being born around 1770. That would make her 21 years younger than her husband?? It is not until John Caddies 1827 that we can get access to official records, he lists his father as John and mother Elizabeth Caddies (interestingly) ms Caddies. John was Robert and Rebecca's child.

Children of Robert Caddies are:

a. JAMES CADDIES b. 1796

b. THOMAS CADDIS b. c1801, d. unknown, m. Marion Blain 29 Sep 1822, St Quivox, Ayr, Scotland, She was born c1802





Notes on Thomas Caddies are;
(1) In the 1841 census at George's Street, St Quivox, Ayr was listed Thomas Caddis aged 40

Generation No. 2

2. THOMAS CADDIS (Robert1) was born 1801, Ireland and died 2 October 1880, Ayr, Ayrshire. He married MARION BLAIN on the 29th September 1822 at St Quivox, Ayr, Scotland. She was born unknown and died unknown.

Notes on Thomas Caddies are:

(1) Thomas Caddis is listed in IGI as being born 1801, Ireland, died 2 Oct 1880, Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland. He married Marion Blain on the 29th Sep 1822 at St Quivox, Ayr, Scotland. His parents were listed as Robert Caddies, born about 1770  and Rebecca McGinn or Gray born before 1776.

Children of Thomas Caddies are:

a. ROBERT CADDIES b. 15 Feb 1825, Newton-on-Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland, d. 12 Sep 1896, Dumbarton, Dumbartonshire, Scotland, m. (1) Isabella Hart and (2) Ann Young

Generation No. 3

3. ROBERT CADDIES (Thomas2, Robert1) was born 15th February 1825, Newton-on-Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland and died 12 Sep 1896, Dumbarton, Dumbartonshire, Scotland. He married (1) ISABELLA HART 19 Sep 1847, St Quivox, Ayrshire, Scotland and (2) ANN YOUNG, 30 Apr 1866, Galston, Ayrshire, Scotland. Isabella was born c1833, County Down, Ireland and died before 16 Oct 1868. Ann was born c1830, Galston, Ayrshire, Scotland and died before 12 Sep 1896.

Notes on Robert Caddies are:

(1) Robert Caddis is listed in IGI as being born 15 Feb 1825, Newton-on-Ayr, Ayr, Scotland, christened 5 Mar 1825, Newton-on-Ayr, Ayr, Scotland and died 12 Sep 1896, Dumbarton, Dumbartonshire, Scotland.
(2) Isabella Hart was listed in IGI as being born 1833 in County Down, Ireland with death before 16 October 1868
(3)In the 1881 census at 10 Carrick Street, Ayr was listed John Hart, aged 28 labourer born Ayr, likely to be Isabella's brother, also listed was unmarried sister-in-law Elizabeth Caddies aged 21 millworker, born Ayr and her child William Caddies aged 3 also born Ayr.
(4) Ann Young was listed in IGI as being christened on the 5th Dec 1830 at Galston, Ayrshire, Scotland with death before 12 Sep 1896. Her parents were listed as James Young and Mary Doak. James was listed as dyeing before 30th April 1866.

Children of Robert Caddies are:

a. WILLIAMINA HART CADDIES b. 11 May 1861, Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland, d. 21 Oct 1939, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland, m James William Callison 29 Nov 1878, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Notes on Williamina Hart Caddies are:

(1) Known as Minnie

(2) In the IGI Williamina Hart Caddis is listed as born 11 May 1861, Ayr, Scotland. Her parents are listed as Robert Caddis and Isabella Hart and husband as James William Callison, m. 29 Nov 1878, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland

(3) Minnie married James 29th November 1878 at 41 Whitehill Road, Burnbank, Hamilton. James was listed as a coal miner of 19 Whitehill Road. Minnie lived next door at 18 Whitehill Road. Richard, James's father was listed as a coal miner. Minnie's father Robert Caddies was listed as a Handloom Weaver and her mother listed as Isabella Caddies ms Hart. The marriage was carried out by Henry M. Hamilton and witnessed by John Campbell (mark witnessed by William Hamilton) and Annie Callison. The marriage was registered Dec 3rd?? 1878, at Hamilton, <?> Moffat, assistant registrar.

(4) In the 1881 census, Minnie (age 21) , born Daily (Dalry) lived at 36 Gladstone St., Hamilton. With her were her husband James (age 22) and their daughter Elizabeth Wilson Callison (age 1), born in Hamilton.

(5) In 1891 Census listed as Margaret, aged 30 born Ayr was living at 73 Whitehill Road, with husband James William Callison aged 32, Coalminer, born Dalry, Ayrshire. Also children, Elizabeth, aged 11, born Hamilton, Margaret, aged 9, born Hamilton, James, aged 5, born Hamilton, Annie, aged 2, born Hamilton, Isabella, 7months, born Hamilton and James Park, Nephew, aged 7, Coal Miner, born Ayr, Ayrshire.

(6) Electoral Roll, Hamilton:

1922 - James and Minnie and Richard Callison, 36 Reid Street, Parkview Cottage

(7) In 1901 Census living at Reid Street, Parkview, James Callison, aged 42, Coalminer, born Dalry, Ayrshire, with wife Minnie, aged 41, Coal <?>, born Dalry, Ayrshire with children Lizzie, aged 21, General ????? Servant, born Hamilton, Maggie, aged 18, also General <?> Servant, born Hamilton, James, aged 15, Coalminer, born Hamilton, Annie, aged 12, born Hamilton, Bella, aged 10, born Hamilton, Minnie, aged 8, born Hamilton, John, aged 6, born Hamilton, Richard, aged 4, born Hamilton, Mary, aged 2, born Hamilton and Katie, aged 1, born Hamilton.

(8) James William Callison, Coal Miner, aged 59, died 16th September 1916, living at Park View, Reid Street Hamilton of Cerebral Haemorrhage. His wife was listed as Minnie Caddies. John Callison, James’s son was listed as informant, registered 16th September 1916 at Hamilton.

(9) Williamina Hart Callison, ms Caddies, known as Minnie Callison, died aged 78 years, 21st October 1939, 26 May Street, Hamilton of chronic bronchitis, myocardial degeneration. Listed as widow of James William Callison Colliery Contractor. Her parents were listed as Robert Caddies, cotton weaver, deceased and Isabella Caddies, ms Hart, deceased. Her son James Callison registered the death 23rd Oct 1939, Hamilton.


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