Mauchline Photographs


Agnes Mackie Mauchline b1896

My grandmother 'Gran Pollock' known as 'Toot' to her close freinds.

Annie Patrick Mauchline b189

With husband Jim Greig and oldest child, Ray

John Copper Mauchline b1884

With wife Isabella Lindsay Mauchline, ms Baillie and children, emigrated to Australia in 1920s

Elizabeth Mauchline b1903

Known as Bessie married name Patrick

Elizabeth Mauchline b1903

Baby William on right was known as wee Pat, he died in childhood

Grace Taylor Affleck Mauchline b1890

Grace on right of picture, ms Wilson born Peebles, d 16 Jul 1977

William Wilson Mauchline b1920

With wife Betty Margaret Mauchline, ms Platt

Hugh Campbell Mauchline b1904


Hugh is buried (29 Apr 1975) in Albany Creek, Queensland, Australia

Catherine Grace Mauchline b1924

Grace Taylor Affleck Mauchline b1890

Grace with mother in middle and Bob Wilson

Willaim Wilson Mauchline b1920

1 year old William with mother Grace

James Stuart Mauchline b1901

James migrated to Australia in 1948

James Stuart Mauchline b1926

Left to right Andrew Docherty, Jenny Docherty ms Mauchline (Dad’s sister), Grace Gulliford, ms Mauchline, James Stuart Mauchline, b 1926

James Stuart Mauchline b1901

Picture taken July 1949

Right- Sarah Mauchline, Migrated to Australia 1920s no children

John Stewart Cooper Mauchline b1872

John S C Mauchline b1872

John S C Mauchline b1872

World War 1

James S C Mauchline b1872

During WW1 in Egypt in front of Sphinx

Ray and John Patrick

Children of Bessie Mauchline with partners. John and wife Netta were deaf and dumb, Ray's Husband on right is Bobbie Hislop

James Stewart Cooper Mauchline b1872

James in his Masonic regalia

James S C Mauchline b1872

With his wife Rachel Mackie

James S C Mauchline b1872

Playing dominoes in the street

Agnes Mackie Mauchline b1896

Left to right: Agnes Pollock ms Mauchline, b 1896, Stewart Mauchline, Annie Greig ms Mauchline, Ruby Mauchline ms Finlayson, Elizabeth (Bessie) Mauchline, John Pollock, young Ruby Mauchline and Jim Greig

Rachel Mackie's sister

With husband

Steve and Bessie Miller

Children of Jean Miller ms Mauchline, Bessie now lives in Florida and Steve in Vancouver

Stewart Mackie Mauchline b1908

Marriage to Ruby Finlayson

William Andrew Mauchline b1892

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