Mauchline Monumental Inscriptions  


Inscriptions found in Lanarkshire and in the Borders

Not all gravestones said to be present by the Borders FHS could be located during my short trip to the Borders on the 18th Aug 2005

Elizabeth Mauchline b1903

Airbles Road, Cemetery, Motherwell - 'P' In memory of James Patrick, beloved husband of Bessie Mauchline, who died 27th April 1954, aged 53 years, also the above Bessie Mauchline, who died 9th Aug 1971, aged 68 years

James Stewart Cooper Mauchline b1872

Airbles Road, Cemetery, Motherwell Airbles Cemetery Motherwell - Erected by Rachel Mackie, in Memory of her husband John S. C. Mauchline, died 23rd March 1940, aged 67 years. The above Rachel Mackie, died 30th Sep 1943, aged 77 years 2At Rest" (A Certificate of registration exists from the Parks and Burial Grounds, Town Hall, Motherwell, dated 1st April 1940, Burial Ground, numbered 1101G, Address given as Mr R Mauchline, 17 Forrest Street, Motherwell)

James Mauchline b1801

Larkhall Cemetery - Erected in memory of James Mauchlin who died 11th January 1878, aged 77 years. His son John Mauchline who died 6th December 1902 aged 58 years. Also Elizabeth Nicol, wife of the above John Mauchline, who died 30th May 1904, aged 62 years. Their son, John Mauchline, who died 3rd May 1949, aged 85 years. Also Christina Morton his wife, who died 2nd February 1955, aged 84 years

James Mauchline d1924

Larkhall Cemetery - In Loving Memory of James Mauchline who died 4th January 1924, aged 69 years, Also his wife Lily Watson Mauchline, who died 15th january 1927, aged 75 years

James Mauchline b1829

Larkhall Cemetery - Erected by James Mauchlin in loving memory of his daughter, Rachel, 14th April 1879, aged 20 years. Also his beloved wife, Nicholas Hunter, who died 13th February 1889, aged 58 years. Also James the above who died 18th October 1917, aged 88 and his daughter, Mary who died 20th October 1945, aged 81 years.

Harriet Mauchline d1935

Larkhall Cemetery - Erected by Andrew Mackie and his wife Harriet Mauchline in loving memory of their children, Catherine who died 15th April 1892, Alfred who died 24th May 1898, their eldest son Andrew John husband of Annie Turner who died 30th March 1934, the above Andrew Mackie who died 7th June 1934, the above Harriet Mauchline who died 9th May 1935

Margaret Mauchline b1860

Larkhall Cemetery - Erected by William Mackie in loving memory of his wife Margaret Mauchline who died 11th Nov 1924, aged 64 years. Also the above William Mackie, who died 30th Aug 1945, aged 74 years.

Mauchline Group in Larkhall Cemetery

Located in Eccles Cemetery

Located in Eccles Cemetery

Located in Eccles Cemetery

Located in Eccles Cemetery

Located in Lauder Cemetery

Located in Lauder Cemetery

Located in Lauder Cemetery

Located in Polworth Cemetery

Located in Westruther Cemetery

Located in Westruther Cemetery


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